Saturday, January 2, 2016

a rather belated post

Hey y'all!  We have tons of information to cover, most concerning activities coming in the new year.  If you missed the meeting, here is what is going on!

Business first:  we decided to subsidize our National annual dues ($250) by each member paying $5.00.  If you haven't contributed, please get your five dollars to Kim as soon as possible!

~*~*~*~*~*Now for some fun stuff!*~*~*~*~*~

January will kick-off a new sew-in activity.  Over three successive sew-in Sundays we will participate in a round-robin modern block challenge.  (January 10th, February 14th, & March 13th)

Each participant will create  12.5" modern blocks from fabric provided by the other members in their group, but you will include a piece of your own "signature" fabric.  Members may join in during all three sew-in periods or choose to come only once or twice---the more days you come, the more blocks you will make/get.  We will begin promptly at 1:15 by dividing members into smaller groups.  Passing to the right, we will have 30 minutes to construct a block of our own choosing using another member's fabric plus a bit of our signature fabric.  We will continue in this manner every thirty minutes until the sew-in period is over.  Over the three sew-ins you could construct (and receive!) as many as 15 blocks!

So here's the skinny:

1.  Select your fabrics and bring them in a container that is big enough to root around in and sturdy enough to pass around.

2.  Bring as much fabric as you think someone would need to make five 12.5" blocks each day that you participate.

3.  Make sure your fabric is in manageable sizes---nothing bigger than a fat quarter, please!

4.  Bring a signature fabric to include in each block you make for someone else.

5.  Everything you need to create 12.5" blocks.

6.  Please be sure to use good-quality thread in a neutral color.

7.  Most participants are deciding on one single block pattern that they can make for each participant. This will allow you to precut your signature fabric and to know that you can complete the block easily within the allotted half hour.

Sound interesting?  Sign up with Gayle if you want to join in!

*~*~*~*~*At our next meeting*~*~*~*~*
(19 January 2016)

We will continue our Guild-designed Block of the Month program with presentations from Annie and Hilarie.  If you have made blocks from any of the previous months, please bring them to show!


Come ready to play----it's Charm Square Casino time!!  Bring FIVE charm squares (5") and get ready roll the dice to win!  This month's theme is Blue, Silver, and White.  BONUS: If you are one of the lucky players, use your winnings to make something, bring it to the February meeting and you will win an extra 50 Cent Raffle ticket with purchase of one!  


Do you want a chance to win 12 gorgeous modern blocks made by fellow guild friends?  Of course you do!  All you need to do is make one (or many!) 12.5" blocks in this period's Raffle fabric selections.  Here are some of the fabulous blocks up for grabs:

Actually these are the only blocks so far.

There is still time!  Branum's still has the fabric, bring in a block or two!


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